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iCentera Launches Marketing & Sales Intelligence Center For 21st Century Selling

iCentera Delivers Complete Marketing And Sales Intelligence Centers That Enable Marketing and Sales Effectiveness In Less Than 8 Hours

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. November 3, 2003—iCentera announced today the launch of the iCentera Marketing & Sales Intelligence Center. With the Marketing & Sales Intelligence Center companies can bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales by delivering a completely hosted intelligence center that enables Dynamic Information Delivery (DID). DID captures the relevant and actionable intelligence and dynamically delivers that information internally and externally to customers, partners and prospects through easy to create portals. Actionable intelligence includes marketing collateral, sales presentations, data sheets as well as sales methods, techniques, guidance, deal analysis information and other types of content that enables effective selling. With iCentera companies quickly gain access to a complete hosted intelligence center in less than 8 hours without custom application development or IT involvement.

In the November/December 2003 issue of Selling Power Magazine, Founder and Publisher Gerhard Gschwandtner advises, "People love to buy from salespeople who can deliver relevant and accurate information without delay. It may be time to review your information assets and deploy them to help your customers understand your business and improve their business. The world is no longer beating a path to the door of those who create the best product, but to those who deliver the most useful information."

Successful companies are focused on enabling their teams to sell better and sell more. In order to do so, enterprises need to put the expertise of the entire company at the finger tips of the sales team. Intranets, email, and sales administration tools increase efficiency but do not provide the relevant up-to-date resources necessary to be more effective at making the sale.

The iCentera Solution is a hosted, 24x7, marketing and sales intelligence center that enables dynamic information delivery; allowing companies to easily get the right information, to the right people, at the right time. In less than 8 hours companies receive a completely automated information repository with advanced content management capabilities. The Marketing & Sales Intelligence Center's unique features include:

  • Hosted - faster, cheaper, scalable, secure, easy to use, and available 24x7. No investment in hardware or software is required.
  • Provide Out-of-the-Gate Functionality - roll-out in less than 8 hours; automatically able to customize and populate the content engine; share marketing and sales intelligence; and allows immediate portal creation.
  • Portal Functionality - wizard-driven portal creation in a few steps, with no IT involvement; ability to push dynamic information directly to the portal; immediate alerts to accessed portals and information published to the portals. Improve your partners', prospects', and customers' experience with each accessing portals tailored to their specific needs.
  • Feedback Real-Time Analytics - provide tracking and analysis of visitor behavior and file usage; analysis of portal traffic; visibility into partner and customer content usage, and gain insight into what products and solutions are selling, who you are competing with, and what markets are buying.
  • Content Management - easy to use wizards for content population and management; automatic content ranking using a built-in rating system provides valuable data about number of downloads and user feedback; automatic email alerts regarding the expiration of documents for effective content grooming.
  • Embedded Sales Techniques - ability to capture and promote any sales technique training, guidance, and methodologies; jump-starts content creation through best practices and templates.
  • Adapt to Your Business - branded to company's look and feel, wizard-driven way to model intelligence centers after your verticals, business units, competitors, products, and sales processes; integrates with your existing infrastructure.
  • Provide Seamless Integration - integrates with existing email system, Microsoft Outlook, and popular CRM/SFA solutions.

"Companies are looking for a cost-effective, reliable, and secure way to arm their teams with the information they need to sell better. If they don't have a marketing and sales effectiveness strategy and vehicle to deliver the content, it becomes increasingly difficult to scale the business, train new staff, introduce new products, and add sales channels to grow revenues," said Craig Nelson, President and CEO of iCentera. "With the iCentera Marketing & Sales Intelligence Center companies can put the expertise of the entire enterprise behind every sale and know that the message is consistent, the information is relevant and that the teams have the resources they need to effectively sell."

The average per seat price for the icIntelligence center is $60 per user/per month. Pricing varies, depending on number and type of users.