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iCentera Launches icSuite For MArketing & Sales Effectiveness

The First Cost Effective, Hosted Marketing and Sales Intelligence Center Delivers Critical Information On-Demand to Employees, Partners and Customers

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. June 15, 2004—iCentera, the leading provider of intelligence centers for Marketing and Sales Effectiveness (MSE), today launched the iCentera icSuite, the first cost effective, hosted marketing and sales intelligence center that delivers information to internal teams and external partners and customers, on-demand. The icSuite provides an automated intelligence center through which teams can effectively communicate, collaborate, market and sell. Companies using icSuite can dynamically deliver relevant and actionable information externally to partners and customers through easy-to-create portals, without IT involvement, and bridge the gap between marketing and sales organizations so they can sell more effectively.

Companies have made their investment in sales administration and achieved efficiency. Now they are looking for solutions that enable marketing and sales teams to work together in order to sell more effectively," said Sheryl Kingstone, Senior Analyst at Yankee Group. "iCentera enables marketing and sales effectiveness by packaging and delivering relevant information and dynamically delivering this intelligence externally to customers, partners, and prospects. Even better, it's hosted so it's cheaper to buy, faster to deploy and more secure."

21st Century Selling

Enterprises are heavily investing in expanding sales teams, partner channels and marketing organizations and are taking a second look at the tools they use to sell. Enterprises are looking for a solution that automatically bridges the gap between marketing and sales, fostering more collaboration and better intelligence so that both teams are more effective. They also need a vehicle that extends the useful and actionable intelligence externally to partners and customers.

To stay competitive companies need to leverage 21st century selling solutions that increase marketing and sales effectiveness. 20th century solutions such as intranets, extranets, and knowledge management systems typically contain stale, out-of-date content and don't provide analytics or feedback on the usefulness of the content. CRM/SFA solutions simply aren't designed to deliver the right information and intelligence to sales teams, partners and customers. With the icSuite, companies receive a 21st century solution that dynamically delivers relevant actionable intelligence to internal and external teams and partners so they can sell more.

"Our teams need the expertise of our entire organization behind them in every sale. They also need to be able to package that expertise and deliver it to our customers in a way that positions us ahead of the competition," said Patrick Guay, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, netForensics. "With the icSuite our marketing teams can ensure they are delivering a consistent message externally and at the same time, the sales person knows exactly what intelligence they need and where they can get it. Branded customer and partner portals allow us to deliver the right information, at the right time, enabling partners during their sales process and customers during their buying process."

With the icSuite in less than 8 hours companies gain:

Out-of-the-Gate Functionality—roll-out a complete intelligence center in less than 8 hours; automatically customize and populate the content engine and immediately create external portals.

Portal Functionality—wizard-driven portal creation in a few steps, with no IT involvement and immediate alerts to accessed information. Improve your partners', prospects', and customers' experience with each accessing portals tailored to their specific needs.

Automated Feedback and Real-Time Analytics—providing tracking and analysis of visitor's sessions and file traffic; analysis of portal traffic; visibility into partner and customer usage, and understand what products and solutions are selling, who you are competing with, and what markets are buying.

Automated Content Management—easy to use wizards for content population, and management with automatic content grooming and ranking creating a feedback loop on the usefulness of intelligence.

Embedded Sales Techniques—the ability to capture and promote any sales technique training, guidance, and methodologies and deliver them on-demand to teams and partners.

Customization for Your Business—branded to your company's look and feel the icSuite is a wizard driven way to model intelligence centers after your verticals, business units, competitors, products, and sales processes.

Seamless Integration—integration with existing email systems, Microsoft Outlook, and popular CRM/SFA solutions.

The icSuite
icContent Engine—an intelligent content repository that automates the entire content management lifecycle from submission to retirement.

icIntelligence Center—an individually customized solution that teams can market and sell through. With the icIntelligence Center, marketing organizations can deliver and promote content globally and in a way that is more effective than an intranet or extranet, ensuring that the message is consistent. Sales teams and partner channels gain immediate access to training and methodologies, and can package any type of content and dynamically deliver them through customer and prospect portals.

icPortals—customizable, secure and easy-to-use portals for dynamic intelligence delivery to customers, prospects and partners.