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iCentera Partners With 16 Year Sales Effectiveness Veterans CRKInteractive

Partnership Delivers Just-In-Time Sales Training and Methodologies Through the icSuite

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. June 15, 2004—iCentera, the leading provider of intelligence centers for Marketing and Sales Effectiveness (MSE), today announced a partnership with CRKInteractive, (CRKI) the leading provider of blended training solutions for sales, leadership, and customer service, to provide embedded sales methodologies and just-in-time training through a customized marketing and sales intelligence center. For over 16 years, CRKI has delivered virtual classroom, in-classroom, and workshop sessions focused on fostering greater marketing and sales collaboration in order to reach the revenue goals of the enterprise. iCentera provides a hosted marketing and sales intelligence center that enables teams to collaborate and deliver the right information on-demand. The combination of CRKI methodologies and the icSuite will allow companies to embed tailored sales methodologies and guidance into their customized icIntelligence Center; providing sales teams and partner channels with just-in-time training.

In today's fast paced environment marketing teams are asked to do more with less resources; providing resources for sales teams and partners at Internet speed. Companies get caught focusing on efficiency versus effectiveness. Many turn to industry veterans CRKI in order to bridge the gap between teams and build effective sales methodologies tailored to their business and products. "The fundamental challenge to any team is its ability to interact and communicate together," commented Len D'Innocenzo, president and CEO, CRKI. "Sales teams in particular experience information overload and are often unable to decipher what is important and useful. Through training we foster a culture and process that enables teams to identify and leverage their strengths so they can be more effective as a group. The icSuite automates this process after the sessions are done. The combination of CRKI and the icSuite makes it easier for marketing teams to deliver mission-critical training on products and services while allowing sales and partners to easily gain access, on-demand, to the methodologies and guidance they need to be successful," concluded D'Innocenzo.

In the enterprise, efforts to capture best practices is difficult and methodologies in paper form become stale in six months and useless in a year. With CRKI's interactive methodologies embedded into the icIntelligence Center, companies can automatically update and refresh these live, growing documents; enabling sales teams to sell better. Providing CRKI's services online, sales teams receive just-in-time training and best practices during the sales process.

"People learn as they are selling. To be effective, direct sales organizations, as well as partners, must be able to collaborate and learn as they sell," said Craig Nelson, President and CEO of iCentera. "The synergy between CRKI's methodologies and the icSuite brings a powerful solution and strategy to the enterprise and I am excited about our alliance with such an experienced firm. The faster companies arm sales teams and partner channels, the more effective they will be."