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Allocity Deploys The icSuite To Deliver & Manage Dynamic Parter Portals

icPortals enable Allocity to deliver consistent message and actionable sales intelligence to industry-leading partners EMC and DELL Corporation

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. July 1, 2004—iCentera, the leading provider of intelligence centers for Marketing and Sales Effectiveness (MSE), today announced that Allocity Inc. has deployed the icSuite to deliver and manage dynamic partner portals. Through Dynamic Intelligence Delivery (DID) the icSuite enables companies to create and deliver customized portals for partners, prospects and customers in less than 5 minutes. By leveraging icPortals, Allocity is able to quickly deliver consistent and actionable sales intelligence to their industry-leading partners EMC and DELL Corporation.

"We have a small sales force and a very deep channel partner strategy. We needed an on-demand way to deliver critical sales intelligence to our partners EMC and DELL Corporation. We also wanted to make sure that a consistent message about our company and products was delivered through those channels. We could have created separate partner websites but that would have taken a lot of time and an enormous infrastructure," said Nick Blozan VP of Marketing at Allocity. "The icSuite delivers portals right out of the gate. With the icSuite I was able to quickly and easily create customized portals for our partners in a matter or minutes. Through the icPortals I can deliver everything our partners need to sell our products, in an organized way that mimics the sales process. With icPortals I can also ensure that my partners know where and how to get the information they need to sell and that the message is the one we want to deliver."

Through the icSuite, in less than 2 months Allocity has created 15 portals with close to 500 partner/users. DID enables Allocity to globally deliver and update all partner portal content and information in less than 5 clicks. By using icPortals, partners have an on-demand solution that dynamically delivers the right information at the right time in order to sell better. Robust analytics built into each customizable portal enables Allocity to see when and how content is being used.

"Marketing people are constantly creating documents and collateral without knowing whether they are effective. Sales teams don't have time to give feedback. With the icSuite I can immediately see who is using what and how," Blozan said. "Now I can automatically gain metrics on how many partners are accessing or using the collateral. If necessary I can view individual usage and I can call individuals directly to find out where they are in the sales process and offer my help in making a sale. That kind of proactive support goes a long way in a partnership. In that moment you have lifted the partner up and carried them to the next step in the sales process. Metrics like these really drive business and are worth their weight in gold."

The icSuite

icContent Engine - an intelligent content repository that automates the entire content management lifecycle from submission to retirement.

icIntelligence Center - an individually customized intelligence center of actionable information that teams can market and sell through.

icPortals - customizable, secure and easy-to-use portals for dynamic intelligence delivery to customers, prospects and partners.

"Companies today know that enabling teams and partners to sell better means providing them with the right information at the right time. DID enables our customers to quickly and easily deliver actionable sale intelligence through on-demand portals in a way that is customized to meet individual needs," said Craig Nelson, President and CEO of iCentera. "We are excited to play such a critical role in Allocity's success."