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idera Selects iCentera To Provide On-Demand Sales Intelligence To Global Channel Partners And Resellers

icPortals Deliver Customized Information And Training for Representatives in Over 30 Countries without any IT Involvement

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. July 12, 2004—iCentera, the leading provider of intelligence centers for Marketing and Sales Effectiveness (MSE), today announced that Idera, a leading provider of management and administration solutions for Microsoft SQL Server has selected the icSuite to provide on-demand sales intelligence for their international sales representatives, partner channels and resellers. The icSuite enables Dynamic Intelligence Delivery (DID), allowing teams to share any type of current and relevant information including marketing collateral, data sheets sales methodologies and deal analysis information internally and dynamically promote information externally to partners, customers, and prospects. With the icSuite Idera is able to publish, promote and instantly deliver actionable marketing collateral and sales information to representatives in over 30 countries so they can sell more effectively.

Like many fast growing companies, Idera built solid relationships with channel partners and resellers across the globe. As they grew their product line, Idera recognized the immediate need to get their channels up to speed and to provide them with the tools and strategies that would help them sell more. They also needed a way to provide guided selling as the company expanded their inside sales efforts. The cost of conference calls, sales binders and on-site training sessions quickly began to sky rocket.

"We have a small core marketing team in Houston and our collateral had to be in delivered to multiple countries in multiple languages. A more traditional approach would cost us a lot of money and time," said Rick Pleczko, President and CEO of Idera. "With the icSuite's icPortals we can deliver the most current information to our international partners and resellers in just a few clicks, they can do the translation themselves and immediately have it published globally in a matter of minutes. The icIntelligence Center allows our own teams to leverage the guided selling tools they need during the sale. The icSuite gives us one-touch distribution of information to everyone who needs to receive it."

The icSuite

The icSuite provides companies with a completed hosted sales effectiveness solution in less than 8 hours. With the icSuite, marketing organizations can promote, package and dynamically deliver intelligence directly from a customized intelligence center for their global sales force. Advanced search capabilities make it easy to search for materials and receive just-in-time training for sales reps. Easy-to-create portals deliver on-demand intelligence and education to partners and resellers without any IT involvement. Finally, in-depth analytics provide a feed-back loop and insight into content usage and relevance.

icContent Engine - an intelligent content repository that automates the entire content management lifecycle from submission to retirement.

icIntelligence Center - an individually customized solution that teams can market and sell through. With the icIntelligence Center, marketing organizations can deliver and promote content globally in a way that is more effective than an intranet or extranet, ensuring that the message is consistent. Sales teams and partner channels gain immediate access to training and methodologies, and can package any type of content and dynamically deliver them through customer and prospect portals.

icPortals - customizable, secure and easy-to-use portals for dynamic intelligence delivery to customers, prospects and partners.

"Partners and resellers are not a captive audience. They sell the products they know about and are easy to communicate," said Craig Nelson, President and CEO of iCentera. "Companies must arm their channels with on-demand access to the information they need to effectively sell products. Smart companies like Idera recognize that easy access to actionable sales intelligence creates partners that sell more."