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iCentera Leads Sales Effectiveness Space With 5 New Customer Deployments & 4 New Partnerships In September

icSuite User Subscriptions Top 2,000 In 3 Months, With The Signing Of Cash Systems, IPIX, OpenSpirit, Scalix, and Seaway Networks

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. October 18, 2004—iCentera, the leading provider of intelligence centers for Marketing and Sales Effectiveness (MSE), today announced the signing of five new customers: Cash Systems, IPIX, OpenSpirit, Scalix, and Seaway Networks. In addition, iCentera signed four new business partners to use and promote the iCentera solution. Now, more than 2,000 subscribers who recognize the need for marketing and sales effectiveness leverage the icSuite to sell better and sell more.

Within 24 hours, the icSuite is deployed and delivers a completely hosted marketing and sales intelligence center that provides advanced content management, custom portal creation, and real-time content and portal analytics. Through Dynamic Intelligence Delivery (DID™), the icSuite picks up where traditional CRM solutions leave off, using guided selling to enable sales teams to easily locate and share any type of sales information, and immediately deliver that information internally and externally to prospects, partners and customers. By leveraging the icIntelligence Center, customers are able to bridge the gaps that exist between marketing, sales and channels.

"Companies today don't have 6 months to a year to deploy solutions that help them grow revenues. For a fast growing company like Scalix who relies on direct sales and channel partners, it is critical that we manage our marketing and sales content and deliver it in a way that mimics the selling process and works with our existing CRM solution," Phil Lavery Vice President, Sales & Business Development of Scalix. "The icSuite was up and running in 24 hours after signing the contract with iCentera. This allows us to more effectively deliver information about Scalix's email and calendaring software to our staff, partners and customers."

All five new customers are leveraging the icSuite to bridge the gaps between marketing, sales and channel partners through on-demand delivery of critical information and an automated feedback and collaboration engine, letting all teams know what information is most used, relevant and effective during the sales process. Leveraging DID™, customers enable partner channels through customized portals that can be created in a matter of minutes.

"The key to MSE is the ability to quickly provide relevant information that the sales rep, partner or customer needs in order to make the sale. Just as hosted SFA solutions deliver on-demand sales administration, successful MSE companies must deploy quickly and have the flexibility to deliver actionable sales intelligence during the selling process," said Sheryl Kingstone, Senior Analyst at Yankee Group. "Companies like iCentera are leading the space by bringing true hosted MSE solutions to companies in a way that is smarter, faster and cheaper."

During the month of September, iCentera also partnered with the following industry leading companies and associations: salesforce.com, The American Marketing Association (AMA), BenNevis, and the CMM Group.

"iCentera is redefining how MSE is delivered by providing an on-demand solution that drives revenues through all sales channels," said Craig Nelson, President and CEO of iCentera. "The icSuite provides a comprehensive solution that delivers a marketing and sales infrastructure in a more cost effective and secure way, with the highest degree of availability. Our customers are telling us that we provide a level of enablement that typically only the largest companies can afford. Our recent success has been a great testament to this."