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iCentera Partners With The American Marketing Association

Industry Thought Leaders Deliver Customer Message Management Series to AMA's 100,000 Members and Subscribers

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. November 16, 2004—iCentera, iCentera, the leading provider of intelligence centers for Marketing and Sales Effectiveness (MSE), today announced its partnership with the American Marketing Association (AMA) to participate in their CMM (Customer Message Management) Forum. Driven by a consortium of marketing and sales effectiveness industry leader's, the CMM Forum is a series of on and off-line educational events which address "Increasing the Impact of Marketing Support on Sales Effectiveness". The AMA has more than 38,000 members and their MarketingPower Newsletter reaches more than 100,000 marketing professionals each week. The AMA Forum, hosted by CMM Marketing Partners, begins in December and will run throughout 2005.

"Several years ago we understood the need to bridge the gap between marketing and sales in order to make marketing organizations more relevant and critical to revenue generation," said Nancy Costopulos, Senior Director, Marketing and Sales, The American Marketing Association. "Through the CMM Forum we hope to identify and outline marketing's increasing role in growing revenues as well as highlight some of the best practices for understanding and meeting the needs of the sales force."

The CMM Forum will host a series of programs focused on increasing marketing's role with the delivery of customer messaging that drives sales. The series includes:

AMA Internet Radio Broadcast - focusing on the strategies and solutions that deliver the right customer message.

Educational Webcast Series - highlighting industry best practices and solutions for achieving marketing and sales effectiveness.

Editorial Inclusions - advertorials and educational content in Marketing Management Magazine, MarketingPower Newsletter and the CMM Monthly Newsletter.

Thought Leadership Seminars - an in-person event series for AMA members held in major cities throughout North America.

MarketingPower White Papers - on marketingpower.com and the CMM websites, showing iCentera, partners, customer best practices and case studies for achieving marketing and sales effectiveness

The iCentera icSuite is an on-demand Marketing & Sales Intelligence Center which immediately provides advanced content management, custom portal creation, and real-time content and portal analytics. The iCentera icSuite enables CMM by delivering a completely hosted vehicle for organizations to market and sell through. Marketing teams are able to bridge the gap between marketing and sales by easily delivering content globally, in a way that is more effective than an intranet or extranet, ensuring the right message reaches the customer. The icSuite also provides an automated feedback loop increasing collaboration between teams and giving marketing insight into what content is working and what's not.

"Increasing sales is no longer about adding more 'feet on the street.' It's about delivering the message that works. In order to sell more and grow revenues, marketing and sales must be armed with best practices and best-of-breed solutions that manage and deliver the right customer message," said Craig Nelson President and CEO of iCentera. "We are excited to play a role in the AMA's CMM Forum as they empower marketing professionals to bridge the gap between marketing and sales and deliver the right customer message, to the right people, in order to sell better and sell more."