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iCentera Delivers 2,100 On-Demand Portals For Collaborative Business Communications

17 New Customers Leverage the icSuite's "Portals for Mortals™" To Effectively Communicate With Customers, Partners and Prospects Around the Globe

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. August 24, 2005—iCentera, the leading provider of on-demand communication portals that change the way businesses communicate, announced today the delivery of more than 2,100 on-demand portals. In addition, 17 new customers have begun leveraging the iCentera icSuite to communicate online more effectively around the world."

The icSuite's "Portals for Mortals™" deliver custom portal creation, absolute content management, and real-time analytics for all client communications including communications with internal staff, prospects, customers, and partners. More importantly, portals can be created, tailored, and delivered within 5 minutes without any IT department involvement.

More than 22,000, subscribers currently leverage the icSuite to communicate with internal staff, customers, partners, and prospects and they have downloaded over 100,000 pieces of mission critical content through iCentera's Portals for Mortals™. iCentera has signed and deployed 17 new customers including: ADC Telecommunications, Finetre Corporation, Flowmedica, GSI Corporation, MarketSmarts, NMI Security, nsite, Overture Networks, Patient Care Technology Systems, PIC International, Sirius Decisions, Symmetricom, TrendSource, UCit Video, Vieo, Vigitek, and Visto.

"Companies don't have time to deploy cumbersome Enterprise Portal Solutions (EPS). Our customers understand the power of on-demand portals and are proving that they save time, money, and deepen relationships internally and externally," said Craig Nelson, President and CEO of iCentera. "By communicating more efficiently and effectively our customers are experiencing revenue growth through private website portals."