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American Marketing Association Leverages The iCentera icSuite To Increase Member Touch-Points While Reducing Number Of Emails

Association Improves Member Communication and Extends Use of icSuite to Deliver Real-Time Sales Portal for Customer Communications

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. December 06, 2005—iCentera, the leading provider of on-demand communication portals that change the way businesses communicate, announced today that the American Marketing Association (AMA) has extended its use of the iCentera icSuite. iCentera's hosted solution provides custom portal creation, content management, and real-time content and portal analytics so that companies can immediately improve communication with any audience, any time. Currently the AMA leverages the icSuite to provide a customized portal for its 4,000 plus members that attend the Customer Message Management (CMM) Leadership Series. With its extended use, the AMA is now using the icSuite to deliver a sales intranet for its global sales staff.

"We calculated our gains from leveraging the icSuite with the CMM Leadership Series. We have more than 50 documents on the portal and more than 4,000 users that are accessing and downloading that content on a daily basis. That would have been more than 200,000 emails," said Rebecca Bjelopetrovich, Sponsorship Account Coordinator, The American Marketing Association. "We never would have sent the majority of documents via email because it would have been overwhelming. With the icSuite we have gained 200,000 additional touch-points. And it's working. With the analytics built into the system I can see the number of downloads that happen every day, what webcast event links members are clicking on and better understand the content members are interested in."

Building off this success, the AMA is leveraging the icSuite to enable their geographically distributed sales force. By delivering a customized sales portal for its sales executives, the AMA can deliver up-to-date pricing information, marketing collateral, and sales presentations to their sales staff. Teams can access the web-based portal from any location and analytics help marketing understand which documents are most effective in the field.

"Because details are changing on a daily basis we needed an effective way to update, disseminate, and promote information to sales staff and know that the teams received and are using the most current collateral," Bjelopetrovich said. "More importantly, I needed something that was easy to manage. With the icSuite, I can easily update multiple portals without taking a big chunk of time out of my day. And the sales teams love it because they know where to go and can easily see all the information available to support their work."

To register for the CMM Leadership Series Portal go to http://www.icentera.com/host/ama/.