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Finetre Corporation Leverages Portals For Mortals™ To Dynamically Communicate With Large Financial Services Firms

Customized Private Websites Enable Post-Sales Communications That Go Beyond Sales Collateral

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. December 14, 2005—iCentera, the leading provider of on-demand communication portals that change the way businesses communicate, announced today that Finetre Corporation is leveraging the iCentera icSuite to provide portals for driving day-to-day communications with its financial services customers. Finetre's proprietary software focuses on transaction processing and compliance automation in the financial services industry and some of the largest financial services firms in the country are leveraging Finetre's solutions. With the icSuite Finetre is able to deliver the latest news, marketing, sales collateral, and critical technical documentation to each of its customers through customized, private portals. The icSuite's Portals for Mortals™ enable the company to eliminate multiple emails and better serve their customers by ensuring that they have a single online location for critical post-sales communications and customer support.

"Our solutions are complex so there is a lot of documentation that has to be created and delivered to our customers according to the schedules specified in our contracts," said Jim Bolton Manager, Marketing & Communications, Finetre Corporation. "We have a lot of content from technical specs to training guides. To deliver documents to clients, we often had to break content into multiple emails. There was no confirmation of client receipt, and we had no means of knowing if clients were using the most up-to-date versions. There was no one central exchange location for our customers to access their documents."

iCentera's Portals for Mortals™ provide a consistent location for ongoing dialog between company and customer, as well as a centralized space to find the most current information and documentation. With the icSuite Finetre is able to deliver an internal online library for its employees and then dynamically deliver branded customer portals containing user guides, electronic binders, company news, account team information, and release notes to each customer in the post-sales production environment. Finetre has currently delivered more than 80 customer portals with more than 400 portal users. Through the portals, customers have 24x7 access and can easily locate and download information. And with automated alerts, customers are notified when new documentation is delivered to the portal.

"The icSuite's biggest benefit is the sheer convenience of the solution. It's easy for customers to use and download information from a single place. Our customers love it and take full advantage of the flexibility and convenience. For us, there is an enormous time saving not having to send multiple emails, along with the confidence of knowing that our customers are receiving all the information they need. As a company responsible for mission critical transaction support, our icSuite goes a long way toward demonstrating our commitment to high quality service to our customers," Bolton said.