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Patient Care Technology Systems Leverages iCentera icSuite To Communicate During The Entire Sales Cycle From Prospect To Customer

Sales Portals Enable Sales Teams with Better Leads, Materials and Prospect Information

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. December 14, 2005—iCentera, the leading provider of on-demand communication portals that change the way businesses communicate, announced today that Patient Care Technology Systems (PCTS), a provider of clinical information systems, is leveraging the icSuite to deliver sales and prospect portals. iCentera's Portal for Mortals™ give companies the ability to deliver branded and customized portals for any internal or external audience in less than 5 minutes, without the need for IT involvement. PCTS marketing specialists are leveraging the icSuite to deliver branded prospect portals that build relationships with new leads and provide data-based prospect information to sales executives.

"Clinical information systems are a complex sale that requires nurturing relationships with a variety of different people within an organization; including hospital administration, clinicians and information technology management. Because of this the typical sales cycle in this category can last many months. We needed a better way for our marketing specialists to begin preliminary conversations, incubate leads and continue an ongoing dialog with prospects before involving our sales executives," said Stephen Armstrong, Vice President Marketing, PCTS. "With the icSuite we have a solution that our marketing team can really own. We can create a portal for each new qualified lead, include relevant marketing materials, and easily manage the relationship through the portal over time. When the prospect is ready, we simply add the appropriate sales executive to the portal so he or she can seamlessly build upon the dialog."

With the icSuite PCTS is able to incubate leads by delivering branded, private website portals for each prospect. Through the websites, marketing specialists are able to continue an ongoing dialog as well as drip relevant information to a prospect over time. When the lead is ready to be turned over to a sales executive, the portal provides sales with more than contact names and numbers, they receive actual data on what customers find most important. Now the newly assigned sales executive can quickly understand the prospect's areas of interest by reviewing portal activity over time, including product requests, blog conversations and a list of documents downloaded by the prospects. The bottom line, for companies leveraging icSuite portals during the sales process, high portal activity equals high close rates.

PCTS also leverages the icSuite to deliver a branded sales and marketing portal ensuring that the distributed sales team has the most up-to-date information during the sale. Now sales executives have a single location to find sales binders, marketing materials and presentations. Feedback features enable the sales team to communicate with authors of materials for additional requests. Real-time analytics help marketing teams understand what documents are most used and which messages are working.

"With the icSuite we are better managing our sales collateral with our sales team during the sales process. Now we can take the early relationship grooming off their plates. And when we add a sales executive to a portal, we know they have the right marketing and customer information to develop the relationship with the prospect further. Based on the prospects portal usage and what information they were interested in, our sales team can find and deliver additional materials right from the sales portal," Armstrong said. "It builds credibility for the marketing team because we are able to ensure sales has everything they need and that prospecting is data-driven, instead of just passing on leads from a tradeshow."