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International Culinary Tourism Association Leverages icSuite To Communicate With Members Around The World Through Portals

BrainFood™ Portals Communicate With More Than 500 Members In 11 Countries

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. April 25, 2006 — iCentera, the leading provider of on-demand communication portals, announced today that the International Culinary Tourism Association (ICTA) is leveraging the icSuite to communicate with members around the world through on-demand portals. Branded BrainFood™, the portals provide customized information and education to the growing Culinary Tourism industry.

"Culinary tourism is the new hot trend in the travel industry today. We formed ICTA to provide members with the resources and information they need to incorporate culinary tourism into their product development and marketing plans. With 530 members in 11 countries, email was a very cumbersome way of communicating. We also needed a solution that would integrate with our recent salesforce.com investment," said Erik Wolf, President of the Association. "Through the icSuite we are easily able to provide three different types of portals for ICTA members, media, and board members which we have branded BrainFood™ portals. We launched the BrainFood™ portals last Fall and experienced an immediate spike in membership."

Today, the ICTA delivers eight different portals for ICTA members, chapter members, trade organizations, board members, and journalists. For example, the ICTA provides the media with resources for their work. Through the BrainFood™ media portal, journalists can find story ideas, trend statistics, people to interview, and ways to connect with experts and new findings. Journalists log onto the portal every day to find the information they need to write articles. Currently the BrainFood™ portals house hundreds of documents and links to other resources.

"Our members tell us that the portals are the most popular benefit of the membership. We know they are because we can see members logging onto the portals daily. The icSuite really is a simple, easy to use, and powerful communication solution," Wolf said.

About the ICTA

The International Culinary Tourism Association (ICTA) is the world's leading authority on culinary tourism, an industry that unites foodservice and tourism. The ICTA currently has 530 members from 11 countries.

About iCentera Corporation

iCentera is the leading provider of on-demand communication portals that drive client communication and collaboration. Within 24 hours, iCentera's hosted solution provides custom portal creation, content management, and real-time content and portal analytics so that companies can immediately improve communication with any audience, any time. Founded in 2003, iCentera delivers Portals for MortalsTM, empowering customers to create portals on-demand to support critical business initiatives. Customers include: ADC, American Locker, The American Marketing Association (AMA), eCredit, Finetre, Harris Interactive, IPIX, Visto, and VNU Global Media. Partners include: The AMA and salesforce.com. The icSuite is salesforce.com sforce certified. For more information visit us at www.icentera.com