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ADC Leverages iCentera's On-Demand CRM Portals To Extend The Reach Of Sales Force

Sales Intranet, Distributor, Key Account And Lead-Generation Portals Deliver Customized Messaging Content To Discrete Audiences Around the World

MINNEAPOLIS, March 20, 2007—iCentera, the leading provider of on-demand CRM portals for sales, partner and customer communications, announced today that ADC, (NASDAQ: ADCT), a leader in communications network infrastructure solutions, is leveraging iCentera's Portals for Mortals in order to extend the reach of its global sales force. iCentera enables anyone in an organization to create customized and branded communication portals for any internal or external audience in minutes. The latest version of iCentera delivers enhanced Web 2.0 capabilities, allowing enterprises to securely deliver and govern sophisticated, media-rich portals while saving time and money. To date, ADC, has created over 70 portals with more than 600 internal users and 3000 external users, in order to enable sales teams and deliver customized content to sales, VARs, distribution channels, consulting partners, key accounts and prospects.

"The American Marketing Association (AMA) says 90 percent of marketing is not used by sales. My problem is that I don't know which 10 percent they are using," said Bill Fuesz, Senior Marketing Manager for ADC. "With iCentera we can aggregate information from multiple sources across the enterprise, 'kit' that information to discrete audiences, and then track who is using what and what is working through analytics the portals provide. Now we can easily see through the portal traction that we are delivering the right information our sales, customers, prospects and partners need."

With iCentera, ADC enables its direct sales organization to sell more effectively by dynamically delivering critical sales support materials, such as press releases, marketing materials, sales guidance, and contract information. ADC can deliver that same material, externally to their customers, partners and prospects, ensuring all audiences receive consistent messaging. For example, recently ADC was able to roll out marketing materials for an additional eight new products to an existing key account by leveraging iCentera's on-demand CRM portals. "It was pretty simple," stated Fuesz. "We updated the existing portal landing page with information about the new products, including additional content that would support the customer through the purchasing process. We also built out a marketing program that adds content on a regular basis in order to encourage people in the customer organization to come back again and again. The sales rep came to me on Friday with this request and the enablement portal was good to go on Tuesday."

iCentera 4.1 enables enterprises to deliver critical and relevant messaging content, and to collaborate and communicate with any audience internally or externally. Today ADC leverages iCentera's Portals for Mortals to deliver:

Event Portals - For tradeshow events, ADC creates customized and localized portals to immediately message to new prospects providing a platform to incubate leads. These leads are also posted to salesforce.com and routed to the correct sales rep, partner or inside sales team.

Sales Intranets - With more than 600 internal portal users, ADC has aggregated content from 10 intranets into one central messaging repository. ADC provides multiple portals to enable their global sales teams. These portals are customized and localized for each region and for the products the teams sell.

Partner Extranets - By capturing the mindshare of multiple partner channels, ADC is able to customize marketing materials, deliver leads, and marketing materials to each partner through their own portal.

Key Account Portals - Deepening relationships and communications with their largest national accounts, ADC delivers private portals to manage marketing materials, contract information and customer support that is relevant to each specific customer. In addition, the portals enable two-way communications, allowing customers to reach their sales and support teams on-demand.

"As a senior marketing manager with a large portfolio of products and units to service, my individual goal is to make it easier for sales to sell and our customers to do business with us. One of the ways I can do that is by trying to extend the reach of the sales force. iCentera is one of the best tools I can use to do that," Fuesz said.

About ADC

ADC provides the connections for wireline, wireless, cable, broadcast, and enterprise networks around the world. ADC's innovative network infrastructure equipment and professional services enable high-speed Internet, data, video, and voice services to residential, business and mobile subscribers. ADC (NASDAQ: ADCT) has sales into more than 130 countries. Learn more about ADC at www.adc.com.

About iCentera Corporation

Founded in 2003, iCentera is the leading provider of on-demand CRM portals that drive marketing, sales and customer communication and collaboration. Within hours, iCentera's hosted solution provides custom portal creation, content management, and real-time content and portal analytics so that companies can immediately improve communication with any audience, any time. More than 65,000 subscribers leverage iCentera to create and manage over 5,000 portals. Customers include: ADC, American Locker, Andrew Corporation, The American Marketing Association (AMA), Sage Software, Harris Interactive, SPSS, Secure Computing, and VNU Global Media. iCentera is salesforce.com AppExchange Certified. For more information visit www.icentera.com.