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iCentera 5.0 Expands The Reach Of Sales Enablement Portals To Comunicate One Marketing Voice Across The Entire Enterprise

Companies Gain Greater Control Over the Delivery of Their Marketing Message, Helping Organizations of All Sizes Manage Marketing Communications Across Staff, Sales Channels, and Customers

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. June 24, 2008—iCentera, the leading provider of on-demand private website portals for marketing, sales, and customer communications, announced today the release of iCentera 5.0, the new version of its hosted portal service. iCentera 5.0 addresses the critical function of driving marketing and sales communication by helping organizations manage large amounts of marketing and sales material through highly-targeted and secure delivery portals, easily created by non-technical staff. New functionality that includes role-based content management is imperative to the secure delivery of the right content to the right groups including staff, partners, and customers. Easy segmentation of content enables organizations to expand the use of iCentera across business units and divisions, replacing costly, stale, and difficult to manage intranet and extranet sites while ensuring control of a consistent marketing message across the enterprise.

"As an aid in our marketing communications, iCentera portals serve a critical role in enabling us to quickly deliver relevant and up to date collateral to a wide audience. In minutes we deliver and track the use of our marketing and sales material across the enterprise, including to many thousands of Customers, Business Partners, prospective buyers, and internal Company Intranet users," said Stuart Little, Director of Marketing for Harris Stratex Networks, Inc. "In addition, real-time analytics and the ability for sales and partners to collaborate with marketing enables us to be more consistent and effective in driving the right material and message through all our channels to the customer."

"As our client base expands through ever larger deployments with portals that span thousands of staff, partners, and customers, we are constantly improving our application value and adapting to the needs and challenges of our enterprise customers who sell through many sales channels," said Mark Tasseel, VP of Product Development with iCentera. "We want our user experience to be as simple as possible, regardless of organization size, and the latest version of iCentera enables companies to target specific content to business units of large corporations, geographic regions that span the world, and specific departmental roles. This approach creates a more focused environment, with content that is relevant to each individual portal user."

The following is a summary of the major enhancements of iCentera 5.0:

  • Reach the entire enterprise with role-based content management allowing content to be segmented by business unit, vertical group, geographic region, or department
  • Portal cloning to rapidly create/replicate secure, customized portals for customers, partners, and prospects in seconds
  • Segment portals to allow the creation of community portals that include built in collaboration, blogging, and content, for targeted messaging within an organization
  • "Wiki"-like ability to create custom portal pages using new easy to use page editor
  • Configurable "MY Yahoo!" type home page for users to set up the marketing and sales portal for their discrete needs
  • Automation of bulk operations that allows quick and easy loading of thousands of files and users
  • Advanced authentication that includes connection with the Microsoft Active Directory for secure and easy provisioning of portal users
  • iCentera delivers all of this new functionality without compromising the basic premise of the solution — keep it simple for the non-technical business user — Portals for MortalsŪ.