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SiriusDecisions Leverages iCentera’s Portal Software for Fourth Consecutive Year to Power Streamlined, Eco-Friendly Conference Communications

iCentera Participates at SiriusDecisions Summit 2009 as a Gold Sponsor

Minneapolis, Minn., May 13, 2009: iCentera (www.icentera.com), the brains behind Portals for Mortals® and the leading provider of on-demand portal software for 360-degree sales enablement, today announced that its SaaS-based solution will again be used by SiriusDecisions, a leading advisory firm focused on sales and marketing integration, to streamline conference communications, deliver and track usage metrics for all conference material including presentations, sponsor vendor brochures, best practices and other content to reduce the paper footprint at the Fourth Annual SiriusDecisions Summit 2009. iCentera is a Gold Sponsor of the event which takes place May 13-15 at the Fairmont Scottsdale in Arizona.

“Using the iCentera solution we were able to customize and deliver our targeted event portals in just a few days for staff, attendees and sponsors, which was pivotal to rolling out the portal to conference participants and vendors sponsoring the event,” said Richard Eldh, Managing Director and Co-Founder of SiriusDecisions. “This green initiative has been a hit all the way around by dramatically decreasing paper volume, improving the efficiency and timeliness of our communications, providing usage analytics, as well as a platform for a clear and consistent marketing voice before, during and after the event.”

“This is our fourth year as a sponsor for this event which covers a critical initiative, aligning marketing and sales to drive revenue growth. It’s quite an honor for our portal solution to be used by one of the world’s leading authorities on sales and marketing best practices as the communications vehicle for this important industry conference," said iCentera CEO Craig Nelson. "We are experiencing exceptional growth and momentum as more and more forward-thinking companies choose iCentera to power their sales and marketing efforts, and we look forward to sharing this news with conference attendees."

SiriusDecisions’ Fourth Annual Summit, themed ‘Leaders and Lessons Learned,’ will gather b-to-b thought leaders and delegates to discuss optimizing sales enablement and marketing productivity. To register for SiriusDecisions Summit 2009 and receive access to the event portal, please visit http://www.siriusdecisions.com/conference.