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iCentera Redefines Sales Enablement with iCentera 6.0

Powerful Line-up of New Features for Leading Enterprise-Class SaaS Solution Delivers a Personalized Selling and Information Environment for Shorter Sales Cycle, Maximum Sales Productivity, and Consistent Marketing Message

Minneapolis, MN - June 9, 2009: iCentera, where sales enablement is our domain (www.SalesEnablement.com), today unveiled iCentera 6.0. The new release strengthens iCentera's position as the leader among sales enablement alternatives, including expensive custom portal development projects. With iCentera, it's now faster and easier than ever to create and deploy intelligent sales enablement portals that dynamically adapt to the needs of your sales channels and clients to improve sales productivity and close more deals in today's economy.

This new iCentera 6.0 combines the power of profile-driven UI, role-based content management, and community segment portals to deliver a customized sales enablement solution that non-technical business users can control. The system offers a uniquely personalized user experience that adapts to each user's profile, delivering the latest marketing and sales content, product news, blogs, competitive updates, and campaigns based on the needs of each user. Version 6.0 also includes the ability to build dynamic training pages in minutes, increasing sales effectiveness through "guided selling" - a key to delivering a true enterprise-class sales enablement solution that easily scales to thousands of internal and external users. Information is power, and by empowering the business user, iCentera gives those that enable sales a consistent marketing voice that is easy to maintain with built-in metrics to gauge effectiveness.

"The salesperson's inability to communicate value during a customer interaction was cited as the top inhibitor to achieving their goals," said Joe Galvin, VP and Service Director at SiriusDecisions. "Delivering high quality, customized sales communications to clients and prospects at each phase of the buying cycle requires that sales people have quick and ready access to the most current information, intelligence and knowledge about their products, clients, company and markets. Knowledge management applications improve sales productivity by aggregating and disseminating critical internal information and customer-ready communications."

Based on input from a rapidly expanding base of over 150,000 subscribers, iCentera 6.0 includes nearly two dozen powerful new features that make it faster and easier than ever to create and deploy sales enablement portals. Key new features in iCentera 6.0 include:

  • Dynamic Wiki Page Builder - The ability to easily manage and deliver relevant content and supporting materials means direct and channel sales representatives receive just-in-time sales guidance to address each customer's business needs during the crucial stages of each sales opportunity
  • Profile Driven MyIC Homepage - A new profile-based platform with Web 2.0 look and feel, making it even easier to enable new users to control, manage, and personalize the iCentera user experience to their individual needs. Now iCentera easily becomes the "home page" for all sales channels to start off their selling day.
  • Custom Tabs - Extending iCentera to become the center of the company's marketing and selling universe is the primary goal of most iCentera clients. Custom tabs support the integration or "mashup" of third-party web-based products, such as forums or knowledge bases, to help customers create a one-stop shop for all their sales and marketing information needs.
  • Enhanced Company Newsroom - The News function now includes dramatically expanded multimedia content types as well as improved administrative capabilities. Delivery of news items can take place according to role-based content management rules. Full workflow support is possible by allowing administrators to establish publish and archive dates for news items.

"The SaaS model is completely altering the IT landscape even though we are truly still in the initial wave of this transformational change in both technology and corporate IT mentality," said Sheryl Kingstone, Director of Yankee Group's Enterprise Research Group. "Nowhere is this more evident than in the front-office sales enablement processes of selling, marketing, and relationship management with customers and prospects."

Other significant capabilities available to iCentera users include integration with Omniture, Inc. web analytics tools, dynamic email enhancements, and much more.

"In order to reduce the cost of sales while accelerating sales cycles organizations are demanding sales enablement solutions that have it all; personalized user interface, real-time company and competitor information, and guided selling to drive higher sales productivity and rapid time-to-value," said Craig Nelson, CEO of iCentera. "Information and knowledge of how to use it is power. We've listened to the market and version iCentera 6.0 is our powerful answer to the market's desire for sales enablement portals that can be created by business users, personalized with almost infinite flexibility, and customized for every customer, prospect, or channel partner."

iCentera 6.0 will be released for general availability in July 2009.