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iCentera Achieves Fifty Percent Annual Revenue Growth with Proven Sales Enablement Platform Service

SaaS Platform Expansion and Strong Sales Enablement Adoption Strategically Positions iCentera for Continued Growth in 2010

Minneapolis, MN — March 23, 2010 — iCentera, the sales enablement company, today announced that the Company achieved fifty percent annual revenue growth from 2008 to 2009 - the sixth consecutive year of double digit revenue growth - with its industry-leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sales enablement platform. iCentera is a proven sales and marketing solution that improves sales effectiveness and efficiency while reducing sales costs and optimizing the way mid- to large-size companies market and sell.

"Since registering the www.salesenablement.com domain in 1998, we’ve seen the sales enablement market evolve from evangelism to demonstrating real-world value creation and ROI for our customers," said Craig Nelson, CEO of iCentera. "Virtually every business is feeling the pressure to drive sales effectiveness and profitable revenue growth and progressive companies are recognizing that it takes an integrated effort across the organization and their sales channels to achieve these goals. These factors, along with the continued expansion of our sales enablement platform with the March 2010 release of the iCentera 7.0 service, create a very positive environment for iCentera's continued success in the marketplace."

"According to the results of our recent Sales Performance Optimization 2010 study, the top three objectives in 2010 for sales organizations are to: increase revenues, capture new accounts, and increase sales effectiveness," said Jim Dickie, CSO Insights managing partner. "Of most interest to us is item number three: increasing sales effectiveness. Our case study work continues to show that if you can positively impact sales effectiveness, it can support all of the other items on this list. Sales enablement platforms, such as iCentera's, are increasingly being recognized by CSOs as a critical tool to drive sales effectiveness while strongly contributing to the achievement of other key sales goals."

According to various independent research firms, there has been an explosion in the sales enablement market over the last year due to the need to improve productivity across all sales channels while realizing the efficiency gained through these solutions.  Moreover:     

  • "Technology vendors are spending, on average, 19% of their selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) costs or $135,262 per quota-carrying salesperson in support-related activities" (Source: Uncovering The Hidden Costs Of Sales Support, Forrester Research, Inc., April 2009),
  • As much as 40 percent of a typical sales rep’s time can be spent creating presentations, customizing messaging and getting ready to engage the customer (Source: CMO Council),
  • Less than 25 percent of CMOs and Sales VPs are satisfied with their sales teams’ ability to articulate value (Source: CMO Council),
  • On average, iCentera’s customers have invested over $1.75 million in various content items needed for marketing, training and selling their products.

Customers that have deployed iCentera as their sales enablement solution have realized significant productivity gains while reducing the cost of sale:

  • iCentera’s enterprise customers possessing thousands of content items have, on an annual basis, saved $500,000 to $1 million by moving 100 percent online with all marketing and sales materials and communications,
  • iCentera customers realize a reduction in costs required to build and maintain custom software while empowering business users to deliver, track and measure the effectiveness of their sales enablement content,
  • The creation of prospect and customer facing portals has reduced the cost of doing business while providing customers with a better vendor experience,
  • On average, iCentera customers recognize a 100 percent ROI on their sales enablement platform within 6 months of deployment.

iCentera supports more than 170,000 active subscribers who have created more than 10,000 targeted portals to communicate, transfer knowledge, and track internal and external behavior using a single messaging platform. Some of the world's largest and most aggressive industry leaders, with deployments ranging from 50 to 25,000 subscribers, have adopted the iCentera Sales Enablement platform to increase sales, stay ahead of the competition and realize a lower cost of sales.