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iCentera to Demonstrate New Sales Enablement Platform Release at Independent Research Firms' Summit 2010 Europe

Fifth Year of Sponsorship Demonstrates Commitment to Sales and Marketing Alignment

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — October 13, 2010 — iCentera, the sales enablement company, today announced that it will demonstrate the latest release of its patented sales enablement platform at SiriusDecisions Summit 2010 Europe, the inaugural European sales and marketing optimization conference for SiriusDecisions. iCentera is committed to the mission of SiriusDecisions and its conference program with this event marking the fifth consecutive year of iCentera sponsorship. iCentera is a premier sponsor of the conference which takes place October 19 in the United Kingdom at the Riverbank Park Plaza London with a theme of "Growth through Sales and Marketing Alignment."

"We are pleased to kick off our first European summit with the support and sponsorship of vendors in the sales enablement space," said John Neeson, managing director and co-founder of SiriusDecisions. "In today's business climate, the companies that are most successful in achieving their growth objectives are doing so through strong alignment of sales and marketing resources and supporting tools and technologies. Sales enablement platforms are critical for driving efficient and profitable revenue growth across direct and channel sales teams."

Also, for the fifth straight year, Summit delegates will leverage iCentera's Customer Communication edition to facilitate conference communications and access all conference materials including presentations, videos, vendor brochures, best practice materials and other conference communications. Extending the reach of sales enablement, the portal will store, disseminate, and track usage for all conference materials and communications before, during and after the event, streamlining communication, track usage analytics and reducing the event's paper footprint through eco-friendly online content management.