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iCentera Unveils iCentera 8.0 'Social Sales Enablement Release' as a Sponsor of Independent Research Firm's Technology Sales Enablement Forum 2011

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. — February 10, 2011 — iCentera, the sales enablement company, today announced that it is sponsoring the inaugural Forrester's Technology Sales Enablement Forum 2011 conference, taking place February 14-15, 2011 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

The conference theme "New Buyers, New Demands: Accelerating Sales Performance," will provide critical insights and actionable advice at the intersection of marketing execution and sales success. The first annual Forrester sales enablement conference will provide a practical way to work back from customers' needs to deliver better sales results. Leading enterprise and technology industry executives will deliver keynote sessions at this event and discuss the challenges they faced and the practices they have used successfully to bridge the sales enablement gap.

"The status quo is the enemy of tech vendors today. Competitive advantage depends on purposeful collaboration and change across the organization to focus sales enablement on buyers' changing needs," according to the Forrester Research, Inc. webpage for this event. "By creating a strategic sales enablement program, marketers can drive significant cost savings in the short term, while improving their companies' competitiveness to thrive in the new growth cycle," according to the April 2009 Forrester report, Uncovering The Hidden Costs Of Sales Support.

As a sponsor of the conference, iCentera will unveil and demonstrate the Company's newly-released iCentera 8.0 -- Social Sales Enablement Release -- to conference attendees. The newest version of iCentera's industry-leading platform sets a new benchmark among sales enablement solutions with a host of new capabilities including:

  • SE-TV User Experience -- iCentera 8.0 sets a new industry benchmark for usability and user experience with a flexible and intuitive new GUI that allows users of all types to receive highly targeted, dynamic information from internal and external sources based on their profile and preference. Now, knowledge transfer is efficient and logical for buyers, sellers, marketers, and other business users.
  • Knowledge Modules --The new edition supports flexible new content packaging and process flow concepts, which are customized for each customer deployment based on iCentera's vast sales enablement experience. iCentera 8.0 supports this concept with core knowledge management modules for: Activity Knowledge, Sales Process, Target Sales Process, Solution Selling, Customer Communications, and more, and can easily be customized to accommodate other sales and communication methodologies.
  • Advanced Collaboration -- Now it's easier than ever for content authors, business users or departments to create new forums and share content and knowledge, while allowing users to collaborate with SMEs, subscribe to forums, search forums, and access content when and how it is most efficient.
  • Universal Sales Enablement Search -- Because iCentera's platform serves as the repository for myriad content types -- including collateral, sales playbooks, blogs, forums, social media content, and more -- the new edition provides a host of advanced new search features that make accessing the right content simpler and more efficient than ever from a single search experience called Sales Advisor.
  • Advanced Content Subscriptions -- Because each user's role and focus is unique, iCentera 8.0 empowers subscribers to receive targeted information when and how they need it, by subscribing to specific forums, content authors, solutions, products, content types, content items, and more.

"In days gone by, the goal of most B2B sales and marketing organizations was simply to drive direct and indirect/channel revenues at any cost and by any means," said iCentera CEO Craig Nelson. "However, in today's knowledge economy, where products are more complex and buyers are more informed than ever before, sales enablement has come to the fore as a top investment priority for marketing, sales and channel executives charged with growing sales profitably and responsibly. We are proud to sponsor and, we feel, play a pivotal role in Forrester's inaugural Technology Sales Enablement Forum as we educate sales and marketing executives about the latest advancements in sales enablement technologies."