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iCentera Takes Social Sales Enablement and Collaboration to the Next Level With iCentera 8.0

New SE-TVTM User Experience, Advanced Collaboration Features, Prescriptive Content Delivery, and Sales Knowledge Management Modules Set a New Benchmark for Sales Enablement Usability and Efficiency

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. — February 14, 2011 — iCentera, the sales enablement company, today announced the availability of iCentera 8.0, the latest edition of iCentera's industry-leading on-demand sales enablement platform. The new release, code named "SSE" (Social Sales Enablement), delivers a host of powerful new features that make it easier than ever for sales and marketing professionals to collaborate and communicate internally and externally with prospects, customers, and channel partners. The new version of iCentera's patented SaaS sales enablement platform will be available in February 2011 to the Company's 170,000 subscribers.

iCentera 8.0 marks the debut of SE-TVTM (Sales Enablement TV), a new highly intuitive navigational interface offering users an interactive TV-like user experience that delivers content, tools, forums, and subject matter expertise in a prescriptive way to meet the growing demands of sales teams and channel partners. A key differentiator from competing sales enablement solutions is iCentera's role-based approach with a UI that dynamically adapts and delivers enablement programming using a single sales enablement platform. This means a single repository to store and manage enablement material, one place to collaborate, and one source for insight using detailed analytics. What's more, much like today's interactive TV experience, SE-TV allows each individual user to personalize the system based on their selling approach, work style, favorite authors and content, favorite forums, and other information they need to be successful.

"Situational collaboration achieved through personal knowledge networks fuels the black market of sales intelligence that successful sales reps rely on for the information they need," said Joe Galvin, vice president and research director, SiriusDecisions. "The emergence of social sales enablement will allow the formation of a social sales community wherein knowledge acquisition and sharing can be accomplished on a personalized level through social media capabilities where all sales people can connect, consume, and eventually contribute to the collective knowledge of the sales community."

Key new capabilities of iCentera 8.0 include:

  • Advanced Collaboration -- Now it's easier than ever for content authors, business users or departments to create new forums and share content and knowledge, while allowing users to collaborate with SMEs, subscribe to forums, search forums, and access content when and how it is most efficient.
  • Universal Sales Enablement Search -- Because iCentera's platform serves as the repository for myriad content types -- including collateral, sales playbooks, blogs, forums, social media content, and more -- the new edition provides a host of advanced new search features that make accessing the right content simpler and more efficient than ever from a single search experience called Sales Advisor.
  • Advanced Content Subscriptions -- Because each user's role and focus is unique, iCentera 8.0 empowers subscribers to receive targeted information when and how they need it, by subscribing to specific forums, content authors, solutions, products, content types, content items, and more.
  • SE-TV User Experience -- iCentera 8.0 sets a new industry benchmark for usability and user experience with a flexible and intuitive new GUI that allows users of all types to receive highly targeted, dynamic information from internal and external sources based on their profile and preference. Now, knowledge transfer is efficient and logical for buyers, sellers, marketers, and other business users.
  • Knowledge Modules -- The new edition supports flexible new content packaging and process flow concepts, which are customized for each customer deployment based on iCentera's vast sales enablement experience. iCentera 8.0 supports this concept with core knowledge management modules for: Activity Knowledge, Sales Process, Target Sales Process, Solution Selling, Customer Communications, and more, and can easily be customized to accommodate other sales and communication methodologies.

"Over the course of the last eight years, we've deployed our platform for some of the world's largest and most successful sales and marketing organizations, and we've listened to them, learned from them, and incorporated that knowledge into each successive release," said iCentera CEO Craig Nelson. "Ultimately, sales enablement is all about knowledge transfer and collaboration; making the right knowledge assets, tools, subject matter experts, content, collaborative forums, and other resources available to sales channels and customers -- when and how they need it. Every company and every individual transfers and absorbs information in their own style and process, and iCentera 8.0 supports that concept with an intuitive and adaptable user experience."