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Callidus Software Acquires iCentera

PLEASANTON, CA, Jul 06 — Callidus Software Inc. (NASDAQ: CALD), the leader in Sales Performance Management (SPM), announced today it has acquired the leading provider of on-demand portal software for sales enablement, iCentera.

"Sales enablement is fundamental to driving effective sales performance. Legacy portal and content management systems have failed to deliver the usability and accessibility required to enable today's dynamic sales forces in the context of their daily work," said Leslie Stretch, President and CEO, Callidus Software. "With iCentera, we will address the information needs of today's sales force. The SaaS-based Sales Enablement Platform equips the sales force and channel with the customer, competitive, and product knowledge they need to effectively do their job -- anywhere, anytime, on any device. The acquisition extends our position as leader in this vital high growth market, strengthens the value proposition of our core sales performance management suite, and increases our cross selling opportunities to our two million plus users."

iCentera is the leading provider of SaaS solutions for sales enablement. iCentera's patented platform replaces static portals with a single sales enablement system that quickly enables business users to create and distribute marketing content to sales teams, partners, and customers. The iCentera platform provides easy-to-use solutions for business users that incorporate automated content management, portal creation, and built-in trend and behavior analytics through a cost-effective implementation that is running and available within days. In addition, iCentera Mobile and integrated collaboration platform enables sales users to access subject matter experts and best practices when they need it most -- when selling.

"Since starting iCentera in 2003, we have worked closely with customers to build and deliver a best-in-class sales enablement solution and we are thrilled to now leverage the strength of Callidus to build on our customer success," said Craig Nelson, Co-Founder and President & CEO, iCentera. "Callidus Software is a company with global reach and we will quickly be able to capitalize on today's high growth sales enablement market, enabling sales to drive profitable revenue by delivering on efficient and effective selling. With our highly complementary solution, we look forward to working with Callidus to deliver value across the sales talent lifecycle and extend our footprint into new channels and markets."

Through the acquisition, Callidus adds a leading SaaS-based sales enablement platform to its core pillars of sales performance management: Selection, Onboarding, Coaching and Learning, and Compensation Management. The new solution enables customers to easily deploy insight and best practices to optimize sales and channel partner onboarding, gain more predictable campaign execution, and ultimately increase the effectiveness of sales campaigns to win more business. Callidus also adds a valuable patent to its sales performance management intellectual property portfolio through this acquisition.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Callidus Software's award-winning solutions manage the entire sales talent lifecycle from onboarding, to incentives and rewards, to coaching and learning, while providing visibility into operations and financial performance. This gives customers the ability to align their sales force and channel partners with their key business objectives to consistently and reliably execute on sales targets. The software is used by leading companies in a broad range of verticals including high-tech, telecommunications, banking, insurance, and pharmaceuticals. Since its inception nearly 15 years ago, the company has evolved into the most experienced, proven, and reliable SPM vendor in the marketplace. Callidus Software powers more than two million users across the globe.

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